Contact Us

General inquiries can be directed to Loranne Nasir, Intern at

For press requests and inquiries, please contact J.D. Ross at

Suggestions for LFL locations in the Near Westside can be sent to Maarten Jacobs, Director NWS Initiative, at

If you are interested in hosting or organizing a book drive and donating the proceeds to the SYR-LFLs, contact Maarten Jacobs, Director NWS Intiative, at

If you are a caretaker of one of the LFLs and are in need of more materials, contact Maarten Jacobs, at

If you have a small number of books you’d like to donate to the LFLs, feel free to select one of our locations and add them to the collection!

If you are interested in making a monetary donation to the SYR-LFL project, please visit the iSchool’s secure donations page, and be sure to select “Little Free Libraries” under “Gift is to be used for:”.

From left to right: Maarten Jacobs, Zeke Leonard, Jaime Snyder, Jill Hurst-Wahl